Thursday, 17 July 2014

Formula X

Best Nail Polish Ever. This stuff has insane staying power!

I painted my nails with this on a Friday before heading out for a girls weekends with my two besties and then I came home Sunday, we had a great time! I continued on with my week, when on the next Saturday I was looking at my nails and there was some wear to them and no chips, that is when I realized I had been wearing it for 8 days! I could not believe it!

Nail Cleanser

Base Coat

Top Coat 

I had bought The System kit from Sephora, it comes with a Nail Cleanser, Base Coat, Top Coat and then you get to pick whatever colour you want from the collection to add to it for free. I had been looking at this online and was browsing the colours before I went into the store to buy it, I really liked the colour Hercules (surprise, surprise another pink nail polish) buuut they didn't have it in the store I went to, so I chose to get Eureka instead. I am in love with The System kit, it lasts for an extremely long time and does not chip, and I am someone who usually finds a chip 2 hours after painting my nails.

Do you have a nail polish routine that you love? Or one where you don't get chips? 


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